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Key words
folklore, toponymy, Mordva, Samarskaja Luka
About the Author
65/67, Gorky str., Samara, 443099, Samara region, Russian Federation
PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Department of information and communication technologies in education, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education
Date of publication

This article introduces toponymical traditions of the Moksha-Mordovians of Samarskaja Luka, currently residing in the three settlements on the Peninsula: the village of Bahilovo, Stavropol district, Samara region and villages of Tornovoe and Shelehmet of the Volga district of the Samara region, into scientific circulation. This ethno-territorial group of Moksha-Mordovians, due to the peculiarities of ethno-historical development, as well as natural and geographical conditions of residence, was isolated from the carriers of other Mordovian dialects, at least from the first half of the XVII century. In these circumstances, cultural, and toponymic and folkloric space of the Mordvinians of the Samarskaja Luka is unique. Legends associated with names of geographical objects, as a rule, constitute a significant part of the folklore of a settlement. At the same time, the information contained in the legends of this kind is most often considered by researchers as "folk toponymy", implying "naive etymology". The author shows that this approach is not always correct regarding the examples of toponymical traditions of the Mordva-Moksha Samarskaya Luka. Toponymic information contained in folklore works of this kind can often indicate the true motivation of nominations, or indirectly indicate the right direction of research. This work is based on the author's field materials. 


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For citation

Belenov N.V. Toponymic folklore of moksha-mordovians of Samarskaja Luka. Traditional culture. 2019. Vol. 20. No. 5. Pp. 153−160. In Russian.