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Key words
folk art, folk prints, China, nianhua, Yangjiabu
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Th is article examines artistic aspects of Yangjiabu folk prints (Weifang City, Weixian County, Shandong Province). Yangjiabu is located at the intersection of trade routes between the north and the south, which has allowed its artists to become acquainted with the work of their colleagues from other regions. As a result, we see an interesting development from direct copying to a synthesis of local styles, borrowed images and artistic techniques.

Nowadays, when we live in a world of rapid technological progress and social change, every folk craft  fi nds its own ways to develop and preserve its traditions. Th is article introduces the latest stage in the history of the folk print industry, from the second half of the 20th —  early 21st century. It is based on materials the author collected on an expedition to the centers of folk craft s in Shandong province in April 2015, as well as on recent Chinese publications devoted to folk painting. Information about this center of folk prints has not previously been published in Russian.


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Burova A. S. Th e development of folk art prints in Yangjiabu Village, Shandong Province, China. Traditional culture. 2019. Vol. 20. No. 3. Pp. 49–60. In Russian..