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Key words
Tertiy Filippov, Vasiliy Andreev, the male choir of the State Control, the Great Russian Orchestra, the performing of Russian songs on the stage
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At the end of the 19th century many progressive Russian musicians and art community were looking for ways to preserve and promulgate folk songs, which were disappearing from the traditional oral appearance. Concert performance of the art treatments of the songs was a topical way during the period under review. Vasiliy Andreev was a founder of a new trend of the concert art —  balalaika orchestra performing. Instrumental treatments of the Russian folk songs became a central and most signifi cant part of repertoire of the Andreev Great Russian orchestra. In 1898 Andreev started to work together with the expert on Russian songs, State Controller Tertiy Filippov. Filippov was the organizer of his own Capella, led by musician and folklorist Il’ya Nekrasov. Andreev and Filippov were united by concept of the art reconstruction of folk songs on the stage so that they came to original and modern solutions to create concert items with balalaika orchestra and male choir. The innovation was specially successful due to basing songs’ treatments on the latest materials of the folklore expeditions of the Russian Geographical Society 1894–1897. On the one hand the fi nding satisfi ed the requirements of folklore studies on promotion of tradition, on the other hand the creation by Andreev and Filippov meets the aesthetic demands of the concert scene.


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