Tabyk, the Percussive Membranophone of Yakuts

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Key words
the percussive membranophone of Yakuts, tabyk, varieties of tabyk, sound resources
Dyakonova V.

The article is dedicated to study of tabyk, the Yakut percussive membranophone, which has been made following the ethnographic, linguistic, and musical research of the 19th — 21st centuries. In traditional culture of ancient Yakut tabyk carried out ritual functions, but in modern Yakut culture it becomes a multidimensional musical and ritual symbol. The main attention is paid to study of the revealed varieties of tabyk: Keltegey tabyk, Kyyray tabyk, Key tabyk, Lekey tabyk, Kara tabyk, and Khobo tabyk. On the basis of the analysis of the ethnic terminology the author reveals various functional and sound resources of tabyk, the Yakut percussive membranophone.