Russian Settlements in Trekhrechye. From the History of the Russian Community in North Barga

Key words
Russians, Russian-Chinese frontier, Transbaikalia, Trekhrechye, China
Anatolii M. Kaigorodov
About the Author
Anatolii M. Kaigorodov (1927–1998)
Date of publication

This publication carried out in the framework of the project “The Role of the Ethnic Factor in Ensuring National Security of the Russian Federation and the Socio-Economic Development in the Border Regions of Siberia and the Far East” (program of fundamental and applied scientific research “Ethnic and Cultural Diversity of Russian Society and the Strengthening of Russian National Identity” 2020–2022).


In 2020, the А. М. Kaigorodov’s work “The Lost Land (A Historical and Ethnographic Essay)” was published in No. 2 of “Traditional Culture.” “Russian Settlements in Trekhrechye” continues the examination of the life of Russians in the north-west of Manchuria. Written in 1984, it was published in excerpts in various periodicals, on which researchers have relied. For the first time, the text is published in full form on the basis of a typewritten copy preserved in the family archive of M. A. Kaigorodov.

Prepared for publication by Michael A. Kaigorodov, Vladimir L. Klyaus

For citation

Kaigorodov A. M. Russian Settlements in Trekhrechye. From the History of the Russian Community in North Barga. Traditional Culture. 2022. Vol. 23. No. 1. Pp. 144– 159. In Russian.