From Roman Letters: The Correspondence Between F. I. Buslayev and A. I. Kirpichnikov, December 1874 — ​January 1875

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Key words
folklore and literature studies, art history, history of science, F. I. Buslaev, А. I. Kirpichnikov
Liudmila V. Fadeyeva
About the Author
E-mail: Tel.: + 7 (495) 694-03-71
5, Kozitsky side str., Moscow, 125009, Russian Federation
PhD in Philology, Head of the Sector of Folklore and Folk Art, State Institute for Art Studies, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Date of publication

This publication presents the correspondence between two Russian philologists, a teacher and a student — ​Fedor Ivanovich Buslaev and Alexander Ivanovich Kirpichnikov. Their three letters, taken from the archives, have never been published before. These documents illustrate Buslaev’s and Kirpichnikov’s attitude towards both humanitarian knowledge as a whole and in particular the problem of its permeable borders. Buslaev’s letters from Rome may be considered the best example of his epistolary heritage. They make it possible to judge Buslaev’s attitude towards his own scholarship and reveal important aspects of his self-education. They explain the desire of one of the founders of Russian philology to devote himself to studying the history of art as well as his conviction of the inextricable connection between verbal and visual images.


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Fadeyeva L. V. From Roman Letters: The Correspondence Between F. I. Buslayev and A. I. Kirpichnikov, December 1874 — ​January 1875. Traditional Culture. 2021. Vol. 22. No. 1. Pp. 167–181. In Russian.