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Key words
photography, historical source, Old Believers, the Lipovans, the Semeyskie
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Grand PhD (History), professor of the Department of Archaeology and Ethnology, Odessa, I. I. Mechnikov National University

This paper if supported by the Grant of the Foundation for Basic Research project No. 18-09-00723  “Old Believer’s Enisey meridian: maintenance and development of tradition in conditions of boreal forest hermitages and villages”.


Photographic materials is value source for research of history and culture of Old Believers territorial groups. Fact of photographing, genres of photographs, outward appearance of depicted and material world, which surrounding them —  all this gives a fair amount materials for researching of Old Believers particulars of different regions. Accordingly, this photographic documental legacy through the use of a comparative approach allows to educe and subject to cross-cultural analysis the specifics of different local Old Believer communities. And an analysis of the change the quantity, quality and content of photographic materials in the first third of the 20th century allows us to evaluate the pattern and rate of evolution of the Old Believer culture of different regions in that transitional period.

In the article is researched to key issues of theory and practice of historiographic usage of photograph. An analytical comparison of photographs complexes reflecting different aspects of the life of the regional Old Believers in the period of on a phased basis technological modernization of public culture is carrying out. The typological and specific aspects in the historical and cultural development of the Old Believers’ communities of Bessarabia, Buryatia and Tuva is revealed. It is concluded that photographic materials allows us to significantly expand and concretize the data of other types of historical sources. An additional point is that they provide ample opportunities for cross-cultural educe of the specifics and pattern of the evolution of the Old Believers traditional culture of different regions. 


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