The Churches of the Three Rivers region

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Key words
Orthodoxy in China, the Three River region, folklore of the Chinese Russians
Klyaus V.

The author describes orthodox churches of the Three Rivers, Chinese territory at the Interfluve basin of 3 rivers (Gan, Derbul, and Khaul), that are dexter feeders of the Argun-river, otherwise called Sankhe Tsiui, Manzhouli (Inner Mongolia). Information is given about the churches existed during 1920—1950-ies, when a considerable number of emigrants from Russia inhabited there. We present data about the orthodox church that keeps acting currently in the city of Jergun, and the chapel in the village of Shivay, whose parishioners are the Chinese Russians, as well as about other buildings that look like buildings for religious worship. Folklore recordings obtained by the author from the Chinese-Russian cheechee performers complement the history of the Manzhouli churches during the period from the second half of the XX century up to the beginning of the XXI century.